When puchasing a press brake machine,how to choose he kind of press brake toolings  determines by the kind of workpiece which buyer needs to bend . This article is briefly introduce how to select the press brake toolings.

Press brake toolings include press brake upper die and lower die,the press brake upper die usually also be called press brake punch

firstly we must consider the bending force, so that  avoid overloading operation of the bending die.

when comes to press brake punch,we usually use standard straight punch,winding goose neck punch and sharp punch,the degree is 90,88,86,60,45,30

usually,the punch die degree had better to be smaller than workpiece degrese, for example,90 degree workpiece need to choose 88 degree punch die

size of the working include two kinds of L835mm and S415mm. According to the length of the press brake machine worktable, it is used in combination,

The standard segmentation size is:

Upper model: 100 (left), 10,15,20,40,50,200,300,100 (right) =835mm (set)

when comes to lower die mould press brake,we usually use single V,2V and multi V die

but now we must know how to adjust the V size to adjust our workpiece,there is one formula to calculate,pls see the below

S=workpiece thickness(mm)

B=min bending width(mm)

F=bending force(KN/M) according to the bending strength and thickness of the plate to caculate

R=bending radius



when we are bending,the force acts on the die and worktable,so it is important  that we know the force supported by the die and worktable

Otherwise, the die will be damaged cause to the  bending force overloading