NC (Numeric Control) was the early generation of the convention press brake, that is carried out by a torsion bar. The machine function with (left Y1), and (right Y2) downward Y axis press movement.

If a job is short, and simple bend without demand for accuracy and speed than an NC press brake would be enough to meet the requirement.

When your company motto is quality and productivity, then, the necessary entry model would be a simple minimum 3-axis CNC Press brake.

CNC (Computer Number Control) is already the current standard in sheet metal production. Quality is also a default requirement in manufacturing, and therefore accuracy is a must to be successful.

Bowing is a vertical deviation from the horizontal bending line is problematic with a long part. Crowning is the compensation solution, and automatic crowning required CNC press brake.

MAZAKPOWER adopted Pro series CNC crowning methods. Only with the CNC can this be realized, and the benefit of CNC is generating more output in bending speed.