when we say cnc press brake axis,we always talk about the Y,X,R,Z axis,but we often confuse with them.different axis means different moving direction.today we will make a deep explanation of these press brake axis

The correct back gauge for the application can have a substantial positive influence on production part volume and accuracy. The more intricate the parts, typically the more axes on the back gauge you should have.A smart, experienced brake press operator can bend, form and produce some very intricate parts without even a single axis back gauge. However, the more time it takes to form the correct part, the more costs you have in the part. So the best scenario would be to have an experienced operator with the correct back gauge system that will magnify their skills. But in today’s market, smart, experienced Press Brake operators are getting hard to find. So the correct back gauge for the application will decrease costs per part by helping to make a good press operator, a great one. The less experience an operator is the more axes you should have. Also, experienced operators know the benefit of correct back gauge for applications.MazakPower is here to consult with you on your application requirements.

AXIS explanation



when we come to 1 axis back gauge,actually we mean 3+1 axis,1 axis back gauge is X axis. MAZAKPOWER press brake are provided are equipped with BGA-1 CNC back gauge constituted by a solid structure in order to assure the best repetitiveness and high precision in axes positioning.our X -axis is equipped with HIWIN linear guide and ball screw.in additional,we equipped Z-axis with manual linear guide.fingers can be moved manually and fixed in desired place. Z1, Z2 axis are adjusted manually and can be fixed in place.The single axis  X-axis back gauge drives by the DELTA servo motor which controls the finger depth (flange depth)  less noise,greater durability and greater precision.


Also 2 axis back gauge,actually we mean 4+1 axis,2 axis back gauge(BGA-2) is X,R-axis. MAZAKPOWER fast and precise 2-axis CNC controlled back gauge that automatically adjusts the X (depth) and R (height) axes to ensure your material is always positioned accurately, resulting in higher quality finished parts.Axis movements are driven by AC motors and drivers. Using the best components, such as HIWIN (TAIWAN) ball screws, our back gauge movements are fast and precise, with X-axis speeds up to 500 mm/sec and stroke to 750 mm.high accuracy up to 0.01 mm.


4 Axis CNC back gauge (X-R-Z1-Z2) ,means 6+1 axis cnc press brake usually equipped with DELEM DA58T 2D graphical controller with PC-Profile-T2D software.Y1, Y2 precision ram positioning,X, R precision servo-driven back gauge drives by servo motor,manually adjustable Z1, Z2-axis,CNC motorized wave crowning.


6 Axis CNC back gauge (X1-X2-R1-R2-Z1-Z2) ,means 8+1 axis cnc press brake usually equipped with DA66T Touch 3D graphical control,auto crowning deflection compensation,the 6-axis back guage offers you the highest degree of flexibility with highest production speeds. All 6 axis can be positioned independently of each other. Fingers can be independently located three dimension (X,R,Z) in the space. Control unit calculate finger positions on each axis. Stable finger position for asymmetrical work pieces, no setup times for back gauge adjustment.