When we bending a sheet metal work piece,we always confuse by one problem,that is the relationship of The opening width of V die and thickness of sheet metal

Nowadays,there is a popular formula to solve this problem:

opening width of V die=sheet metal work piece*8

Most of press brake operators are using this formula,but there is a bug in this formula.can this formula also work correct for high precision request sheet metal,the answer is it can’t

According to our work experience, We conclude that The opening width of V die is according to the following issues

  • The precision of the work piece

Ordinary bending,we use V=T*8.and when come to precision bending,we use V=T*(4-6).

  • The material of work piece

If we bending aluminum sheet.opening width of V die=work piece t*8 will meet the request.meanwhile, the bottom V die require higher for the die material and hardness,the R angle up to 1.5mm.In order to make less damage in bending work piece, and indentation is relatively shallow

  • The bending angle of work piece

If we don’t bend forming.but bend dangling.we should narrow the opening width of V die based the popular formula V=T*8. when we narrow the opening width of V die,the bending work piece is more perfect.

Rationally according to the request of your products,choose the most appropriate opening width of V die can make your products quality more higher