Nowadays more and more young people don’t like to be engage in cnc press brake jobs in china
Let’s analyze this problem today in this blog

First reason:feel tired

All of the press brake operator know,no matter it is cnc press brake or hydraulic bending machines,no matter it is big sheet metal or small sheet metal,no matter it is mass processing or single one,all of these jobs are tiring,why is it tiring?first you must review the drawing,then check the work piece size and measure the work piece,after done the preparations,before starting to bend,you should to choose the press brake tooling, adjust to fit the press brake punches with dies.programming is last step.then we can say we have done all of the preparations work.we start to bend,most tiring work just start,when you engage in processing long integral sheet metal,the sheet metal is very heavy,it requires two people to collaborate.

Sencond reason:dangerous

industrial accident of press brake operation most happens in sheet metal industrial, not like other ,it is more safe for operating cnc punch press or cnc laser machine,because,these machines is semi-automatic,human operate machine remotely.however,when operate cnc press brake,you need to stand by the press brake tools and operate the sheet metal.

Other reason:difficulty

Press brake work requires operator has much technical knowledge.such as How to calculate bending force and How to choose press brake toolings, how to adjust press brake toolings to the sheet metal.also you need to calculate the right size of sheet metal,as the reason after the sheet metal bending to the finished type,cutting it for the right size is almost impossible

Finally,we lack of the press brake operator in china,althouth this work salary belong to middle-income level,the salary is about 10000-15000RMB each month in east and south of china which location is developed zone,it is about 5000-8000RMB each month in other area.