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Two Compensation Devices of CNC Press Brake,Hydraulic Crowning VS.Mechanical Crowning

The working principle and comparation of hydraulic compensation and mechanism compensation in CNC press brake have been introduced in the text. The hydraulic compensation has been used on the CNC Press Brake for more than ten years which makes it a maturity technology, while the mechanism compensation is a new technology which has been used on the [...]

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16 Common Problems And Solutions For Sheet Metal Bending

Sheet metal bending technology is the key technology that our sheet metal processing operator needs to grasp,and it is also an important process for sheet metal product forming Always in the sheet metal processing, we need to cut and blank, punch, bend and form,In additional,it sometime happen to various uncontrollable factors (mechanical, material, manual) The problems [...]

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How does the press brake operator salary ?

Nowadays more and more young people don’t like to be engage in cnc press brake jobs in china Let's analyze this problem today in this blog First reason:feel tired All of the press brake operator know,no matter it is cnc press brake or hydraulic bending machines,no matter it is big sheet metal or small sheet metal,no [...]

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Summary of Troubleshooting Press Brake Bending Ram Problems

The press brake ram cannot be quickly down Causes: The ram rail tuning too tight; Backgauge axis is not in place; The ram is not at the top dead center position; Footswitch signals did not enter the module; The malfunction of the proportional servo valve; Solutions: Check whether the ram rail is appropriate; Check [...]

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21 tips for using a new press brake machine

1.Precautions for installation of upper and lower molds and installation methods 1) Precautions A) In the dangerous area of the press brake machine, the operator must observe the safety principles when installing the mold; B) The hand or body is not allowed to pass through the mold; 2) Installation of the upper mold A) Switching [...]

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Application of press brake

Choosing a specific type mainly depends on the material to be used, the type of operation, as well as the rate of output. This versatile press brake is utilized for various types of forming operations using different kinds of dies. Ordinary mold bend angle and forming mold can can be used to produce the metal [...]

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How to buy a press brake?Use this guide to know what you’re looking for

Last article,we send a brief introduction of press brake,from manual press brake to hydraulic press brake,and then on to cnc press brake,many choice when we shop for a new brake for our job shop or production floor.This is not the trivial matter because once you made the wrong decision, your production cost will surge [...]

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what is a press brake

A press brake is a machine tool for bending sheet and plate material, most commonly sheet metal. It forms predetermined bends by clamping the work piece between a matching punch and die.These machines can bend simple and complex parts, and they are used in a variety of industries ranging from automotive and aircraft to [...]

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Why Sheet Metal Bending Machine Is Called A Press Brake

Nowadays, when people talking about press brake, they mainly refer to the hydraulic bending machine for sheet metal bending. However, do you know why such a bending machine is been called press brake"? This question also confused me for quite a long period of time. Sometimes I even wondering does this term really right [...]

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