ESTUN-E200P features

  • HD LCD display, with both Chinese and English language options, a display programming parameters, faster and more convenient programming
  • Using CAN bus technology,servo control X 、Y axis,control precision is high, resolution up to 0.001;installation wiring is simple,improve the reliability of the system
  • Support multi-step programming, complex workpieces can be completed at one time, improve production efficiency and machining accuracy
  • Built-in PLC,with machine tool motion control function, at the same time built-in dwell time, unloading delay setting function、operation is more simple and quick, according to the actual valve group timing free match
  • With adjustable return distance function to solve the torsion axis machine tool opening height of the problem of inconvenience to adjust and improve the overall efficiency of the machine tool
  • With self-diagnosis and real-time alarm functions, debugging and maintenance more convenient.
  • Reservation security interface for easy expansion.
  • Having a key parameter backup and restore functionality, you can always restore the parameters as required, reducing maintenance costs
  • All keys on the panel are micro-switches, through EMC, high temperature, vibration and other rigorous testing to ensure product stability and service life.
  • CE certified to meet the needs of overseas markets.