Smart G Series Hydraulic Guillotine Shears

The Smart G Series Hydraulic Guillotine Shears is equipped with the best materials for optimal support and incredible performance ensuring a smooth production process. The Genius S series provides high strength, productivity, sensitivity, and safety while lowering your production cost and improving your bottom line.


  • Rapid and precise blade clearance adjustment with a single handle on the side frame

  • Cutting-line illumination and wire for shadow-line cutting

  • Stroke counter

  • Hydraulic and electrical overload protection

  • Squaring arm and front support arms

  • Delta inverter with ball screw and polished rod with 0.01 mm accuracy

  • Backgauge adjustment according to blade gap

  • Sub-program and programming loop

  • Sequence repeat function

    Auto-cutting (Flying cut)

  • Backgauge retraction feature

Blades gap adjustment system

The GS-X model equips with the new DELEM DAC 360s  NC control, the rake angle and blade gap settings are set automatically by entering the material type and thickness of the sheet to be cut.The servo-driven backgauge on ball-screw in combination with the DAC 360s  control, allows the operator to program different target positions for several cuts over one sheet and automatically adjust the gap between the blades, the cutting angle and the cutting length according to variations in thickness and type of material

Vertical angle adjusting&position device

The left-most front supporter is equipped with vertical angle adjusting & positioning device,ensuring the cutting precision, easy operation,practical and efficient, bearing-rolling-type.workbench can significantly reduce the friction to protect the work piece surface, and with delicate design, convenient for cutting small materials.

Back gauge adjustment with rack and pintion movement on linear guid

The back gauge during the cutting phase tilts and moves from the sheet metal following the descent of the blade. This prevents damage and transfer the gauge loads able to change its location. Also it Is not subject to stresses due to the movement of the blade holder, as it is mounted on the fixed structure of the shears.

Hydraulic system

LVDBENDER guillotine shears are equipped with a hydraulic system that can greatly simplify the operator’s work and facilitate all the adjustments required to reach the highest quality line accuracy. Consisting of the highest quality components, the German hydraulic system is a guarantee of long service life since thanks to the self-adjustment of pressure it allows less stress to the various components.

DAC360 CONTROL(Optional, = X Model)

  • 4.7”monocolor LCD display
  • High-quality metal film switch
  • Restoring 100 programs, each program have 25 steps
  • Backgauge control, cutting angle control, cutting clearance control, cutting stroke control
  • Each axis can be moved manually
  • One-key backups and restored parameters
  • Pressure control
  • Metric or imperial measurements