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Application of press brake

Choosing a specific type mainly depends on the material to be used, the type of operation, as well as the rate of output. This versatile press brake is utilized for various types of forming operations using different kinds of dies. Ordinary mold bend angle and forming mold can can be used to produce the metal [...]

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Why Sheet Metal Bending Machine Is Called A Press Brake

Nowadays, when people talking about press brake, they mainly refer to the hydraulic bending machine for sheet metal bending. However, do you know why such a bending machine is been called press brake"? This question also confused me for quite a long period of time. Sometimes I even wondering does this term really right [...]

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Hydraulics vs. Electrics: Selecting the Right Press Brake

Choosing your shop’s next press brake often comes down to selecting an electric or hydraulic model. But it’s not an easy choice, as both are long-term investments and have different qualities to think about. To help, we’ve created a guide to choosing between electric and hydraulic press brakes. Electric Press Brake Uses and Qualities [...]

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